If I do decide to engage a lawyer, how much will it cost?

The costs associated with running a matter vary on a case-to-case basis. Generally, if your dispute is resolved quickly and out of court, the costs will be less than if the dispute were to proceed to a court hearing.

If you cannot afford legal representation, you may be eligible to apply for Legal Aid.   

What is Legal Aid?

Legal Aid (VLA) is a government funded service that provides help to those with legal problems. If you have a legal problem but cannot afford a lawyer you may be eligible to apply for a ‘grant of legal assistance’ which will help cover the costs of legal representation.

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Click here for information on grants of legal assistance.   

Do I qualify for Legal Aid?

If you are a low income earner or in receipt of Centrelink, you may be eligible for Legal Aid. We are happy to help you assess your eligibility – please contact Elisa at elisarothschild@elisarothschild.com.

How is Jewish Divorce affected by Australian divorce legislation?

Cultural or religious divorce, such as Jewish divorce, may have requirements not met by divorce under the Australian civil system. As a result, a civil divorce may not leave Jewish persons free to remarry according to their religious preferences.

A situation may arise where a Jewish couple may become divorced at civil law, yet remain married in Jewish law.

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The Family Court of Australia has undertaken an initiative (The ‘Families and the law in Australia – the Family Court working together with new and emerging communities’ Project) to improve its awareness of and understanding between communities, so that it can respond to family law issues associated with the culture, religion and social arrangements of these communities. 

For more information regarding this project and the role of the Family Court of Australia in resolving cultural and religious diversity issues, click here.

We note that the position of Jewish divorce vis-a-vis Australian divorce has been considered by the Family Law Council. Click here for the Family Law Report which considers this issue.